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Highly recommend Glyde Watersports! With their help and expertise, I went from having never touched an eFoil, to foiling around the lake in just one hour! If you are interested in purchasing an eFoil or getting a demo/lesson don't hesitate to reach out to them.

Bryan M.



I wanted to reach out and let you know how much I appreciate and value your company, Glyde Watersports, and my new Fliteboard.  I had researched and researched which eFoil board was best and would suit my style.  Ultimately, there was no question, Fliteboard was the one for me.  Beyond the quality product, I decided to go with Fliteboard because I could get it through a dealer where I could talk to a real person, versus a chat box or emailing back and forth.  The fact that you dropped it off at my house and walked me through was exceptional value.

Two days ago, the decision to buy through your company proved to be an outstanding decision.  Due to my operator error, I had an issue with the controller, and you took my call at 6:30 at night and walked me through it. In addition to this, you wanted to make sure there would be no other issues and you actually made a house call – an old fashion, this is service at its highest-level house call!!!  Everything with the board was fine and I was able to take it out right away and play (side note: the time you took giving me riding tips really paid off and I foiled so much better).

After you guys left, my wife said, “do you think you would have gotten that kind of service from ordering on the internet?”  As a business coach, I tell my clients, if you can’t compete with Amazon, do something they can’t do – serve the customer in a way they can’t.  You crushed it and I want to tell anyone who loves playing in the water to call you (except I don’t do social media)

Again – THANK YOU!!! 

John L. (Semi-Retired 61-year-old teenager)



I wanted to write a review of my experience in working with Glyde Waterports, and also a quick review of the Fliteboard that I bought.  I don’t think you can review one without the other, as there is a fair amount of stress involved in such an expensive and technologically advanced piece of equipment.   

David, at Glyde Watersports, made me feel very comfortable. He wasn’t pushy.  He was there to answer questions and offer insight in his experience. I was also considering buying a $195,000 surf boat. I highly recommend getting on a Fliteboard before you ever consider buying a surf boat.  There is so much more utility and ease of use in a Fliteboard.  I'm continually surprised at how easy these things are to ride and how long the batteries last.

Dave and his team will answer any questions in a fair and honest way without any pressure. There’s no BS involved in the process, and most importantly, after you buy from them, they continue to follow up with you to make sure that you’re happy with the purchase and answer any questions you might have about board assembly or troubleshooting. The experience has been much better than I could’ve ever imagined, and these guys are total professionals.

I can highly endorse Dave and his team at Glyde Watersports, as well as a Fliteboard. We couldn’t be happier and we even bought a second one.

Doug M.



Really glad to have connected with David and Steve at Glyde Watersports. They answered all my questions and helped me purchase the right boards and wings for my personal enjoyment, to share with family and to teach friends who are interested in the sport. Fliteboard customer service is amazing but having a nearby distributer is priceless. Glyde was transparent with their pricing, kept me well informed during the original shipment and have been prompt getting back to me when I have needed parts or wanted to experiment with different wings. Can't say enough positive things.

Lyle W.



David and the entire Glyde team have been wonderful to work with. From the ease of purchase and delivery of my Fliteboard to multiple demos I have hired them for, it has been nothing but professional and fun. I will be buying from them and booking them more demos in the future, I encourage everyone to do the same.

Sam S.



My intro to eFoiling could not have been better. The equipment performed beyond my expectations, and David is a patient and experienced instructor.  Give them a try, you won’t regret it.

Don Y.